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Shakespeare Theatre, The Presents
Richard II
By: William Shakespeare
Nov. 7 - Dec. 31, , 2000
Director: Gerald Freedman
Actors: Wallace Acton, Jessica Lancaster, Ted van Griethuysen, Andrew Long, David Sabin, Tana Hicken, Gregory Wooddell, Bill Hamlin, Jewell Robinson, William Hulings, Eric Martin Brown, Jeffries Thaiss, Patrick Hallahan, Emery Battis, William Hulings, Marty Lodge
Set Designer: John EzellCostume Designer: Lawrence Casey
Light Designer: Mary Jo Dondlinger
Vocal Consultant: Ellen O'Brien
Composer: Robert Waldman
Assistant Director: PJ Paparelli
Stage Manager: M. Pat Hodge
Producer: Sam Sweet
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: 12/23/00
University of Maryland: WAP 0241Tape Number: 209