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Keegan Theatre, The Presents
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
By: Tennessee Williams
Oct 18 - Nov. 18, , 2001
Director: Mark A. Rhea
Actors: Susan Grevengoed, Mark Rhea, Charlotte Akin, Peggy McGrath, Jim Jorgenson, Casey Cleverly, Robert Leemburggen, Stan Shulman, David Cleverly, Joseph Baker, David Rodriguez, Claire Fogarty, Cecelia Campbell, Caitlin Collins, Molly Patrician
Set Designer: George LucasCostume Designer: Maggie Butler
Light Designer: Dan MartinSound Designer: Dan Martin
Composer: Matt Rippetoe
Assistant Director: Amy McWilliams
Stage Manager: Ann Marie Smith
Producer: Donald E. Wright
Casting Director: Brittney K. Sweeney
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: 11/16/01
University of Maryland: WAP 0207Tape Number: 252