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Shakespeare Theatre Presents
By: William Shakespeare
Nov. 11, 1997 - Jan. 4, , 1997
Director: Jude Kelly
Actors: Patrick Stewart, Patrice Johnson, Teagle F. Bougere, Ron Canada, Franchelle Stewart Dorn, Jimonn Cole, Craig Wallace, William Badgett, Michael W. Howell, George Causil, Chad Coleman, Timm Rogers, R. Emery Bright, George F. Grant, Kate Skinner, Lana Buss, Mark E. Gladue, Alvaro Heinig, Neil H. Lewis II, Ray Maclin, Joel David Maurice, Wendel Neal, Jr., Hassani Issa, Parrish Smith, Joshua Weinstein, Darrell L. Whipple
Set Designer: Robert Innes HopkinsCostume Designer: Robert Innes Hopkins
Light Designer: Frances Aronson
Composer: Michael Ward
Fight Director: Rick Sordelet
Assistant Director: Elinor Holdridge
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: December 13
University of Maryland: WAP 0460Tape Number: 064