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Keegan Theatre, The Presents
Notebook of Trigorin, The
By: Tennessee Williams - adapted from Checkov's The Seagull
Oct. 14 - Nov. 14, , 1999
Director: Mark A. Rhea
Actors: Michael Patrick Smith, Kerri Rambow, Jeremy Beck, Kit Young, Stan Shulman, Ian LeValley, Linda Jean Chittick, Joyce Peifer, Timothy Hayes Lynch, Daniel Lyons, Rena Cherry Brown, Joseph Baker
Set Designer: George Lucas / Rick MartinCostume Designer: Susan Chiang
Light Designer: Dan MartinSound Designer: Tony Angelini
Properties: Christine Dunn
Assistant Director: Steven Scott Mazolla; Eric Lucas
Stage Manager: Ellen Dempsey
Producer: Alice Carron / Jim Schuyler
Date Recorded: 11/13/99
Tape Number: 149