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Shakespeare Theatre - Carter Barron Presents
All's Well that Ends Well
By: William Shakespeare
June 6 - 21, , 1998
Director: Laird Williamson
Actors: Douglas Harmsen, DeAnn Mears, Sabrina LeBeauf, Edward Gero, Floyd King, Dylan M. McCullough, Christopher Walker, Ted van Griethuysen, Emery Battis, Rob Nagel, Sean Arbuckle, Michael Howell, Jimonn Cole, Hasani Issa, Eric Jao, Neil H. Lewis II, Edward Baird Wilford, Mark E. Gladue, Jeniffer Mendenhall, Carol Halstead, Brook Butterworth, Taunya L. Martin, Carmen Parejo, Seth Cohen, Diamond Valentina Brumer, George F. Grant
Set Designer: Andrew V. YelusichCostume Designer: Andrew V. Yelusich
Light Designer: Don Darnutzer
Choreographer: Karma Camp
Composer: Catherine MacDonald
Fight Director: Brad Alan Waller
Assistant Director: Ethan McSweeny
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: 6/19/98
University of Maryland: WAP 0332Tape Number: 090