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Horizons Theatre @ Theatre-On-the-Run Presents
Count Basil
By: Joanna Baillie
June 5 - 29, , 2003
Director: Leslie Jacobson
Actors: Caren Anton, Catherine Aselford, Leigh-Erin Balmer, Cate Brewer, Jessica Cerullo, Colby Codding, Eric Schoen, Armand Sindoni
Set Designer: Betty Beuck DerbyshireCostume Designer: William Pucilowsky
Light Designer: Carl F. Gudenius, David RobinsonSound Designer: Maya Robinson
Properties: Russell Feder
Composer: John Ward
Fight Director: Karen AbromaitisMovement: Karen Abromaitis
Dramaturg: Catherine Burroughs, Karen Tecott
Stage Manager: Jessica Ullrey, Allison Curtis, Russell Feder
Producer: Terri AllenProduction Manager: Tracy Schneidkraut
Casting Director: Ginger Moss
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: 6/28/03
University of Maryland: WAP 0149Tape Number: 338