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In Series, The @ Source Theatre Presents
Abduction from the Seraglio, The
By: W.A. Mozart / Kelley Rourke
Jan. 14 - Feb 7, , 2004
Director: Joe Banno
Actors: Jennifer Jellings, Tausha Rorrez, David Brundage, Peter Burroughs, Ole Hass, Daniel Ladmirault
Set Designer: David C. GhatanCostume Designer: Donna Breslin
Light Designer: Marianne Meadows
Properties: Lynn Sharps Spears
Composer: W.A. Mozart
Music Director: Carlos César Rodriguez
Musicians: Carlos César Rodriguez
Fight Director: Diane Cooper-Gould
Assistant Director: Dominic A. D'Andrea
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Slepian / Willette Thompson
Producer: Carla Hübner
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: 2/4/04
University of Maryland: WAP 0103Tape Number: 370