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Theater J Presents
Pangs of the Messiah
By: Motti Lerner
June 23-]uly 22 , 2007
Director: Sinai Peter
Actors: Norman Aronovic* , Joel&Reuben Ganz* , Laura Giannarelli * , Lindsay Haynes, John Johnston * , Becky Peters , Dan Raviv (voice), Alcxander Strain , Michacl Tolaydo*
Set Designer: Kinereth Kisch Costume Designer: Clay Teurnis, Jessica Henry (Assistant)
Light Designer: Martha Mountain** Sound Designer: Clay Teurnis
Properties: Michelle Elwyn
Composer: Hannah HaKohen
Stage Manager: Maribeth Chaprnka* Assistant Stage Manager: Maribeth Chaprnka*
Casting Director: Naomi Robin
Underwriter: Post-production made possible by a grant from The MARPAT Foundation
Videographer: George KarseboomDate Recorded: 7/23/2007
University of Maryland: WAP 0385