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Studio Theatre, The Presents
Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow, The (An Instant Message with Excitable Music)
By: Rolin Jones
July 6 – August 14 , 2005
Director: David Muse
Actors: Eunice Wong*, David Rothman+, Cameron Mcnary*, Charlotte Aiken, James Flanagan+, Mia Whang+
Set Designer: Blythe QuinlanCostume Designer: Yvette M. Ryan
Light Designer: John BurklandSound Designer: Daniel Baker
Properties: Esther Van Eek
Vocal Consultant: Nancy Tseng (Dialect)
Composer: Matthew Suttor
Stage Manager: Sharon King, Joe Christopher (Floor Manager)
Underwriter: Post-production made possible by a grant from The MARPAT Foundation
Videographer: Mikael ManoukianDate Recorded: 7/30/05
University of Maryland: WAP 0342