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Ford’s Theatre Presents
Leading Ladies
By: Ken Ludwig
September 23 - October 23 , 2005
Director: Mark Rucker
Actors: John Astin*, JDCullum*, Daniel Frith*, Ian Kahn*, Patrick Kerr *, Lacey Kohl*, Charlotte Rae*, Karen Ziemba*
Set Designer: John Coyne Costume Designer: Judith Dolan, Hair And Wig Designer: Tom Watson
Light Designer: Michael Gilliam Sound Designer: John Gromada, Co-Sound Designer: Sten Severson
Vocal Consultant: Dialect Coach: Ellen O'Brien
Choreographer: Michele Lynch
Fight Director: Brad Waller
Stage Manager: Craig A. Harness*
Casting Director: Liz Woodman, CSA
Underwriter: Post-production of this video was made possible by a grant from The MARPAT Foundation
Videographer: Mikael ManoukianDate Recorded: 10/21/05
University of Maryland: WAP 0504