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Le Neon French American Theatre Presents
Women & The Forest - Parts 1 & 2
By: Original creation
Nov. 23, 1996 - Jan. 5, , 1997
Director: Didier Rousselet
Actors: Katie Rice, Dominique Montet, Paola Durant, Juliet McGarry, Amy Stern, Chantal Maillat, Peter Kujawinski, Didier Rousselet, Cynthia Evans, MézianeTouati, Mikael Manoukian, Monica Neagoy
Set Designer: Nicolas RousseletCostume Designer: Justine Scherer
Light Designer: Didier RousseletSound Designer: Didier Rousselet
Properties: Bill Harkins, Chantal Maillat / Marie-Franz Uroz
Assistant Director: Susan Haedicke
Videographer: James J. TaylorDate Recorded: 12/8/96
University of Maryland: WAP 0476Tape Number: 39