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Shakespeare Theatre Company Presents
Old Times
By: rold Pinter Ma
May 17 – July 3 , 2011
Director: rold Pinter Ma
Actors: Steven Culp*, Tracy Lynn Middendorf*, Holly Twyford*
Set Designer: Walt SpanglerCostume Designer: Jane Greenwood
Light Designer: Scott ZielinskiSound Designer: Martin Desjardins
Vocal Consultant: Voice and Dialect Coach: Ellen O'Brien; Singing Coach: Barbara Irvine
Stage Manager: Beth Ellen Spencer*Assistant Stage Manager: Elizabeth Clewley*
Casting Director: Laura Stanczyk, CSA; Resident Casting Director: Daniel Rehbehn
Videographer: Geoff Moore; Video Editor: Elise KressDate Recorded: 6/4/2011
University of Maryland: WAP 0555