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Rep Stage Presents
By: Terry Johnson
October 7 – November 1 , 2009
Director: Steven Carpenter
Actors: Jeff Baker*, Conrad Feininger*, Bruce R. Nelson*, Marni Penning*, Elizabeth Simmons*
Set Designer: Klyph Stanford**Costume Designer: Yvette Ryan
Light Designer: Dan Covey**Sound Designer: Chas Marsh
Properties: Andrea “Dre” Moore
Vocal Consultant: Dialect Coach: BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange
Dramaturg: Lisa A. Wilde
Stage Manager: Emily Carter Watson*
Underwriter: Post-production made possible by a grant from The MARPAT Foundation
Videographer: Tony Hoos; Video Editor: Elise KressDate Recorded: 10/29/09
University of Maryland: WAP 0559