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Optimism! Or Voltaire’s Candide
By: François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire); Adapted by TJ Edwards
April 25-May 19 , 2013
Director: Michael Chamberlin
Actors: Adeoye, Michael Kevin Darnall, Ryan Alan Jones, Patricia Lynn, Rosemary Regan, Jessica Shearer, Gregory Stuart, Ryan Tumulty, John Tweel
Set Designer: Giorgos TsappasCostume Designer: Laree Lentz
Light Designer: Brian S. AllardSound Designer: Bradley Porter
Properties: Deb Crerie
Choreographer: Fight Choreography: Monalisa Arias
Assistant Director: Stacey Kruml
Stage Manager: Keta NewbornAssistant Stage Manager: Aphra Adkins
Videographer: Abby Sternberg; Video Editor: Elise KressDate Recorded: 5/12/2013
University of Maryland: WAP 0647