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Spooky Action Theater Presents
Wedding Dress, The
By: Nelson Rodriguez; Translated by Joffre Rodriguez with Toby Coe
February 13 – March 9 , 2014
Director: Rebecca Holderness†
Actors: Frank Britton, Michael Kevin Darnall*, Dane Figueroa Edidi, Stefanie Garcia, Rafael Sebastian Medina, Aniko Olah, Tuyet Thi Pham*, Randolph Curtis Rand*, Mundy Spears, Sue Struve
Set Designer: Vicki Davis Costume Designer: Erik Teague
Light Designer: Maja White; Projection Designers: David Crandall and Fly SteffensSound Designer: David Crandall
Properties: Kristen Pilgrim
Assistant Director: Assistant to the Director: Kristy Simmons
Stage Manager: Alicia SellsAssistant Stage Manager: Erika Foley
Videographer: Abby Sternberg; Video Editor: Elise KressDate Recorded: 2/23/2014
University of Maryland: WAP 0690