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Theater J Presents
Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide To Capitalism and Socialism With a Key To The Scriptures, The
By: Tony Kushner
November 13 - December 21 , 2014
Director: John Vreeke?
Actors: Rena Cherry Brown, Jenifer Belle Deal, Tim Getman*, Lisa Hodsoll, Lou Liberatore*, Susan Rome*, Sue Jin Song*, James Whalen*, Tom Wiggin*, Michael Anthony Williams*
Set Designer: Misha Kachman**Costume Designer: Ivania Stack**
Light Designer: Dan Covey**; Projections Designer: Jared Mezzocchi**Sound Designer: Eric Shimelonis
Composer: Eric Shimelonis
Fight Director: Fight Consultant: Cliff Williams
Assistant Director: Katie Ryan
Stage Manager: Jeanette Buck*Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Kilbane*
Underwriter: Jackson Bryer and Irene Wagner
Videographer: Tony Hoos; Video Editor: Elise Kress Date Recorded: 12/20/2014