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Forum Theater Presents
Shipment, The
By: Young Jean Lee
May 21-June 13 , 2015
Director: Psalmaeyne 24
Actors: Shannon Dorsey*, Mark Hairston*, Dexter Hamlet, Darius McCall, Gary L. Perkins III
Set Designer: Michael DoveCostume Designer: Katie Touart
Light Designer: Allan Sean WeeksSound Designer: Thomas Sowers
Properties: Kevin Laughon
Vocal Consultant: April E. Carter
Choreographer: Tony Thomas II
Assistant Director: Amanda Herman
Dramaturg: Otis Ramsay-Zoe
Stage Manager: April E. CarterAssistant Stage Manager: Nelly Diaz Rodriguez
Underwriter: Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
Videographer: TJ O’Toole; Video Editor: Elise Kress Date Recorded: 6/13/2015
University of Maryland: WAP 0752